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Submariner Escape Locating System

  1. Submarine is on operation
  2. Submarine experiences difficulties and is forced to bottom out, crew wearing PLBs exit submarine
  3. SAR crews home into 121.5Mhz homing signals from PLBs and locate crew.
This system is made up of the following components, priced individually
  • PLB8-MS ‘SOS’
  • Transportable SARfinder® Alarm & Locator unit
Pressure Proof to 300m
  • 121.5MHz ‘SOS’ signal provides precision tracking
  • 1 metre long electroluminescent light antenna cord
  • 5 year battery (replace unit after 5 years)
  • LED battery status indicator
  • 24-36 hour transmission time
  • Robust, tried and tested unit
  • 5 year shelf life with Battery Replacement Option available
  • Optional buoyancy pouch and strap
Description – Submariner Escape PLB8-MS’SOS’ 121.5MHz

Product Code – (01-005-MS-L1)
(watch shown for scale purposes)

Test Frequency units
121.65MHz (01-005-MS-T1)
121.775MHz (01-005-MS-T2)

Transportable version of the SARfinder® locator unit
(SARfinder 1003 Transportable 02-002-TPC)
  • Robust waterproof marine design
  • Control box mounted in waterproof PELI case
  • Sturdy plastic handle for holding/mounting antenna + 4 metre antenna cable
  • 2 rechargeable batteries mounted inside case
  • Battery recharger included
  • Long tracking range to AU9, 3 to 5+ miles
  • Automatic LED & Siren MOB warning indicator
  • MOB target shown on LED compass style display
  • Approximate range & close proximity indicator
  • Training frequency 121.6MHz and 121.75MHz