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Reach and Rescue Long Reach Telescopic Water Rescue Poles

Sizes available 5m, 9m, 13m, 17m (Intermediate sizes made specifically on request). To accurately deploy flotation devises or other tools.  The telescopic poles have adjustable clamps. Each clamp releases the section above in a smooth action enabling fast extraction / retraction.

The RRP Pole has been designed by Reach and Rescue Limited in conjunction with a leading UK Fire and flood rescue division, to improve the operatorís safety and capability at water, ice, mud and flood related incidents.

Quickly & accurately deploy flotation or rescue devices
  • Saving valuable time on the rescue that might otherwise have been wasted, leading to possible tragedy. This directional method of administering aid is also more accurate than the existing Reach, Throw and Go procedures.
Save valuable, lifesaving minutes on your rescues.
  • Accurately delivers rescue and floatation devices direct to the victim.
The Reach and Rescue Pole
  • Designed in conjuction with a leading UK Fire and Flood Rescue division, to improve operator safety and capability at water, ice, mud and flood and Height related incidents
Telescopic Rescue Pole
  • The largest pole folds down to 2.6 metres
  • Allows it to be stored in a quick release bag
Multipurpose Rescue Equipment
  • Rescue at heights
  • A quick connect detachable carabiner (Carago) is available to facilitate rescue at heights of suspended victims in harnesses, making the Reach and Rescue Pole Kits a versatile multipurpose piece of rescue equipment
Ultralite Poles Data Sheet  (.pdf)

Reach and Rescue Users Guide  (.pdf)

Product Specs  (.pdf)

Using the Reach and Rescue Pole

The pole is a telescopic devise that extends and contracts. The top metal collar holds all the attachments. Below are the basic steps for use:
  1. Extend top yellow section by 60cm and slide on the yellow spherical float ball. This should be slid down blue end first with the locking collar towards to the top of the pole
  2. Tighten the float collar until the float remains firmly in place
  3. Choose the applicable attachment from the selection. This slides over the top collar and the double sprung buttons should be pushed in and allowed to spring out of the location holes on each attachment collar
  4. Extend pole by lifting the lever towards the top of the pole and pulling out the section. When a red band is seen, push this back in until it is hidden. Then, arch the lever downwards until it stops, the upper tube is now held.
  5. Repeat the above process (4) until the desired length is achieved
  6. The float will take the weight of the pole and you can swing it through the water to achieve the desired location.
  7. Closing the pole is the reverse of the above. However, during victim retrieval another technique is to pull the entire opened pole, hand over hand, behind your body for more speed should this be necessary.

Accessories for the Reach and Rescue Pole System