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Sea Marshall® Oil and Gas Industry and Offshore Marine MOB Systems - Man Overboard Alert and Locate System

Rig / Jetty / Tanker  MOB Alert & Locate System   -   INTRINSICALLY SAFE - ATEX plb

  1. Person wearing Sea Marshall® Alerting Unit falls overboard
  2. Crewguard rig monitor picks up ‘SOS’ signal and raises alarm
  3. Fast Rescue Boat is deployed with SARfinder® tracking unit fitted, tracks and locates missing person
  4. If outside help is required Coastguard SAR can track missing person on 121.5MHz
A rig/jetty/tanker monitoring MOB safety system is made up of the following individual components, priced individually
  • PLBs (Intrinsically Safe) MOB Alerting Unit/ SOS transmitter:
  • Crewguard MOB Jetty/Rig monitor, fitted to platform: 
  • SARfinder® Dedicated MOB Alarm / Locate Base Unit:

MOB Alerting Unit ZONE 2 AU9-X
Fully automatic Man Overboard Alerting unit (PLB)
  • ATEX ZONE 2 intrinsically safe
  • 100mW digital transmitter
  • 121.5MHz ‘SOS’ signal, precision tracking of MOB
  • Can be easily fitted into lifejacket, flotation garment
  • 5 second auto-activation with manual over-ride
  • 1 metre long flexible antenna cord
  • LED strobe on antenna
  • 5 yr user replaceable battery, auto LED status indicator
  • 24-36 hour transmission time

Description – ATEX ZONE 2 Alerting Unit (PLB)

Product Codes
Live Frequency Unit 121.5MHz – (ZONE 2 AU9-X)
Test Frequency Unit – (121.65MHz ZONE 2 AU9-X T1)
Test Frequency Unit – (121.75MHz ZONE 2 AU9-X T2)

Crewguard MOB Jetty/Rig Monitor
Dedicated Man Overboard MOB monitor
  • NEW heavy duty waterproof metal enclosure
  • Continuous monitoring of crew for Man Overboard
  • Fully automatic monitor alarm
  • Auto siren & flashing LED MOB warning indicator
  • 20m antenna cable with high gain external antenna
  • Fixtures and fittings
  • Easy to install, easy to use
  • MOB coverage of rig, 2- 4 miles radius

Description – Crewguard MKIII MOB monitor alarm + high gain antenna + 20m cable + plugs and fittings

Product Code – (Crewguard MOB Jetty/Rig Monitor)

BASE UNIT  - Sea Marshall® SARfinder®1003 man overboard Alarm/Locating unit with GPS plot
  • NEW heavy duty metal enclosure
  • NEW more compact robust antenna and connectors
  • 24/7 monitoring of crew
  • Monitors for, quickly alerts & tracks AU9 ‘SOS’
  • Automatic Alert/Alarm of man overboard
  • Plots GPS position of boat at time of incident
  • Easy to read LED compass style display

NOTE – For correct NMEA interface value please
specify the type of NMEA ouptut your GPS plotter has

SARfinder1003 MKIII MOB Locating Unit + NMEA

Product Code
(SARfinder 1003  02-002-NMEA)