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Sea Marshall® Windfarm / Offshore Platforms -  Alert and Locate System

Offshore wind farm operators are using the Sea Marshall® system on a daily basis as part of the HSE requirement for safety when working on offshore wind farms.

SARfinder® GPS Plot Self Managed Man Overboard LOCATING System

  1. Person wearing NEW AU9-WF ‘500mW’ high power man overboard Alerting Unit (PLB) falls overboard
  2. SARfinder® receives ‘SOS’ signal, automatically raises alarm, automatically plots GPS position of boat
  3. SARfinder® shows direction of missing person on compass style LED display and approximate range
  4. Boat tracks ‘SOS’ signal…if outside help is needed, SAR authorities can track missing person on 121.5MHz

BASE UNIT  - Sea Marshall® SARfinder®1003 man overboard Alarm / Locating unit with GPS plot
  • NEW heavy duty metal enclosure
  • NEW more compact robust antenna and connectors
  • 24/7 monitoring of crew
  • Monitors for & tracks ‘SOS’ signal from AU9
  • Automatic Alert/Alarm of man overboard
  • Plots GPS position of boat at time of incident
  • Long distance tracking of ‘SOS’ signal from AU9
  • Easy to read LED compass style display
  • Allows you to quickly locate a missing person(s)
  • Gives confidence to you and your crew

NOTE – For correct NMEA interface value please specify the type of NMEA ouptut your GPS plotter has.
ALERTING UNIT– Man Overboard, Sea Marshall® AU9-WF fully automatic digital personal locator beacon 500mW
  • 24/7 monitoring of crew
  • 40 sec fail-safe override function if unit is left switched OFF
  • Small and comfortable to wear
  • Automatic activation upon immersion
  • Includes lifejacket fixing kit and instructions
  • Protects  you and your crew day and night
  • Long range homing signal, 500mW on 121.5MHz
  • Can be tracked by SARfinder® or Coastguard
  • Robust marine construction (environmentally tested)
  • User replaceable battery + auto low battery indicator
  • Gives confidence to you and your crew

Lifejackets sold separately. Alert units can be easily fitted into existing lifejacket.  Comes with pouch and fixing kit.

Description – SARfinder®1003: 
Product Code – SARfinder 1003  02-002-NMEA
Description – AU9-WF
Product Codes: Live Frequency Unit –  AU9-WF 121.5MHz
Test Frequency Unit – AU9-WF T1 121.65MHz
Test Frequency Unit - AU9-WF T2 121.75MHz