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MateSaver TM - Overboard Retrieval and Rescue Lifting System

Comes in two sizes: 2.6 meters and 3.6 meters

MateSaver data sheet  (.pdf)

Proper Use of the MateSaver TM

To use the MateSaver efficiently the tackle supplied with the MateSaver needs to be clipped to an appropriate point overhanging the vessel. Most vessels have some suitable form of davit, platform or rigging that is strong enough to lift an unconscious casualty or aid a conscious casualty.

Because the development of a practical recovery system will vary from vessel to vessel we would recommend consultation with your local department of transport surveyor or classification society on how best this aid to rescue may be used.

If a propeller guard is not fitted, engines should be stopped when the person in the water is brought along-side aft.

Guidance recovery procedure

In this example, it is assumed that the boat is manned by a minimum of a helmsman, one crew and a third person who is to be recovered from the water. See Detailed Instruction sheet for full procedure.

  1. Helmsman sights casualty in the water.
  2. Crewman dons immersion suit, life-jacket and safety harness and clips to a safety line.
  3. Crewman collects MateSaver from the stowage position and if practicable, clips it to the safety line.
  4. Crewman prepares MateSaver catch loop and takes up position in sight of the helmsman (forward) to loop the casualty.
  5. Crewman loops casualty and tightens loop. Looping from the feet, up and under the arms may prove safest and easiest.
  6. Crewman draws the casualty to the recovery point using the MateSaver.
  7. Helmsman stops engine.
  8. Helmsman prepares himself to assist crewman.
  9. Attach lifting strop to the davit and lift casualty to a point above the gunwhale height to enable the casualty to be hauled aboard.