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MOB Scramble Nets for Maritime Rescue Operations

Markus Rescue Systems
Markus Rescue Systems include,line, rescue ladders, rescue nets for FRC’s or MOB boats, Scramble Nets (Cradles) and the MarkusNet Rescue System.  The systems are proven, lightweight, easy to stow, and include a stowage bag or container. 

Markus Rescue Line (RLC25)
The Markus throw line is a compact and light weight rescue line that is easily carried (on shoulder) or mounted (on an optional bracket) anywhere there is a risk of a man overboard incident.  The Markus throw line is designed as a direct accessory to the Markus recovery solutions or can be used be used independently. 

The throw line or rescue line can be used as standard equipment at pools, marine construction sites, work platforms or on any type of leisure or commercial vessel.  The rescue line comes standard with a PVC/nylon throw bag and is equipped with:

  • throwing load packed in soft foam
  • chest-loop
  • safety-loop to secure in-water rescuer
  • handgrip loop
  • plastic snap hook on the far end
  • Length: 25 meters (82 feet)
  • Rope width:  20 mm wide (.8 inch)
  • Rope characteristics: buoyant webbing
  • Weight: 900 grams (less than 2 pounds)

MARKUS MOB Emergency Rescue Ladder (MEL2-270)
The Markus Safety Ladder is a must-have safety device on all boats. Hanging to a safety harness after being thrown overboard is precarious and can cause injury.  The preferred solution is to be able to provide rescue ladders strategically placed on both sides of amidships.   See MAIB Safety Digest report 2/2003 case 26

Quick Guide when considering a MOB Safety Ladder

  1. Does the vessel have a method for MOB of hold and recovery from amidships?
  2. Can a single sailor reach or access a rescue ladder while harnessed in the water?
  3. Can the safety ladder easily be pulled down by a MOB who is exhausted and in the water?
  4. What prevents the rescue ladder lead from blowing back onto the deck in heavy weather?
The MARKUS Safety-ladder provides a single handed sailor and an in-water rescuer a simple, cost effective method of reducing the risk of serious injury while increasing the chances of a successful MOB recovery.
MARKUS Lifenets
Information Library - PDFs
 MARKUS Rescue Products
Rescue Throw Line RLC35
MOB Emergency & Rescue Ladder MEL2-270
Intended for SOLAS MOB (FRC's) Boats
MOB FRC Rescue-net Type MBR6-185W / 235W
Scramble or Rescue Nets for Medium to Large Vessels
SCN Series MOB Scramble-net / Rescue-net
MarkusNET MOB Recovery System for platform, wharfs, all vessels (SOLAS)
MarkusNET MS10, MS20, MS 30, MS 40

For more information about man overboard
lifesaving equipment - Go to Markus Lifenet

MOB Scramble-net / Rescue-net

The Markus MOB Scramble-net / Rescue-net is designed as MOB rescue-net for offshore sailing yachts, patrol boats, pilot boats and public transport boats. Its main purpose is to enable man overboard to climb on board or to hold to it while other methods are prepared. Alternatively it can be used to roll an unconscious MOB on board in horizontal position. The MOB has a number of models that are suitable for a freeboard from 2.85 meters to 6.5 meters. 

Notes from Health and Safety and Operations
Scramble nets or Rescue Nets are mainly used to embark or disembark form vessels.  Care must be made in choosing a rescue net as location on the vessel is important.  Often larger vessels will consider more than one strategically placed on either side of the vessels amidship. 

We evaluated a number of rescue net solutions and found the Markus Scramble easy to deploy and store than other comparable products.  The stowage bag allows for the net to hang from a rail or hooks freeing up deck space. 

In addition the feel of the MarkusScramble net is soft not hard resin rungs.  The benefit is the lift by parbuckle (or roll up) method is far more comfortable for the MOB.  The trend is now for man overboard recovery is moving away from a standard scramble net or rescue cradles towards rescue systems (see Markusnet that provide a more flexible approach to the rescue.

Maritime MOB rescue scramble nets

MOB FRC Rescue-net
Models , MBR6-185W & MBR6-235W  (intended for SOLAS MOB or FRC‘s) 

The Markus MOB FRC Rescue-net type MBR6-235W is designed for use on SOLAS type MOB Rescue Boats to roll an unconscious MOB on board in a horizontal position. Alternatively it can be used as a scramble-net or emergency ladder. It is suitable for RIBs and rigid boats with fastening point from water between 85 cm (33.5”) and 135 cm (53.1”), depending on the model.

Rescue of a handicapped diver.

Rescue from a Fast Rescue Craft (FRC).

Notes from Health and Safety and Operations
We have found that a rescue net should be a minimum width of 120cm or 4 feet wide to ensure a even roll up (parbuckle) for the man overboard.  In addition a four foot width ensure to the MOB a more comfortable evenly weighted lift that would reduce stress point on the body and abrasions. 

The Markus MOB rescue-net weighs just a fraction of a standard MOB rescue cradle, is easier to install and takes less stowage room.

MarkusNet Rescue System
Models, MS 00, MS 10, MS 20, MS 30, MS 40

MarkusNet is manufactured for all types and sizes of deck boats, ships, piers, dams, canal walls and offshore platforms.   The MarkusNet system is uniquely designed and has the following advantages over a standard cradle or scramble net.

  • The MarkusNet recovery system provides a host of options for a rescue of a MOB, from the deck or with trained personnel an effective in water or assisted rescue.
  • The MarkusNet man overboard rescue unit consists of moveable storage container, lifting lines, net structure, throw-line and chest-loop.
  • The MarkusNet provides single deck crew the possibility to deploy a recovery MarkusNet to a man overboard and lift him manually with a helping deck hand or hoist him onboard with mechanical hoisting system (short boom and winch).
  • Provides one or more rescuers the possibility of a manually lift or hoist assisted lift with the MOB in standing, sitting and horizontal position.
  • The MarkusNet can be used as emergency ladder on deck boats with low freeboard.
  • The MarkusNet is complete with throw line and lift lines (up to 40 meters) in order to safely respond to an in-water rescue operation.  Once the MOB is secure in the MarkusNet transfer an FRC, SOLAS vessel or SAR airlift.
  • The MarkusNet has proven to be excellent mean to recover  persons from life raft or small boat onto larger vessel in any wave height and weather while deck crew can operate on deck.


Comments from Health and Safety Operations:
We have evaluated popular Scramble nets or rescue Cradles.  The Scramble net is approved for boarding or de-boarding, and especially suited for mass evacuations, but was never original designed as a true MOB recovery system.  The conventional rescue nets are heavy, take a great deal of stowage room, and are not easily transportable.  Most importantly, in a MOB recovery with a scramble net the vessel must maneuver within a meter or 3.3 feet to reach and lift. 

The MarkusNet provides flexibility to the crew and introduces to the swimmer for a in water rescue a safe secure method of reaching the MOB and providing a safe return for both. 

For a shipping company or fleet, the MarkusNet offers standardization.  One solution fit all, basically the only difference is the length of the lift lines (which as a minimum must be at least cover the distance between the waterline and rescue platform or freeboard)

The Markus MOB recovery system is light weight and extremely flexible for almost any situation in any weather condition.

Compared to other systems such as scramble net or cradles, the MarkusNET can be up to 50% less in cost depending on competitive models.