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Lost Diver Search, Locate and Rescue System

  1. Diver carrying AU9 personal locator beacon with pressure cap fitted, descends.
  2. Diver drifts during dive, activates AU9 'SOS' unit
  3. Dive boat picks up ‘SOS’ signal on SARfinder® and tracks and locates missing diver.  If outside help is required Coast Guard / Military SAR can track and locate missing diver via 121.5MHz ‘SOS’ Alerting Unit signal.

The Sea Marshall® Lost Diver Locating System is made up of the following components, priced individually

  • AU9 Alerting Unit personal locator beacon
  • Surface Marker Buoy with pocket for AU9 (plb)
  • SARfinder® (GPS plot) locator unit
ALERTING UNIT– Sea Marshall® AU9 digital personal locator beacon (with pressure cap fitted can be used for diving)
  • 24/7 monitoring of crew/Divers
  • Small and comfortable to wear
  • Easy to activate· Long range homing signal on 121.5MHz
  • Can be tracked by SARfinder® or Coastguard/Military
  • Robust marine construction (environmentally tested)
  • Depth rated to 75m with pressure cap fitted(tested to 140m fresh water) · 2 pressure caps included
  • Spare side switch included
  • Dive card – ‘carrying plb notification card’ included
  • User replaceable battery + auto low battery indicator
  • Gives confidence to you and your crew
  • 100mW and 500mW versions of AU9 available
AU9-D 100mW
Live Frequency Unit -  AU9 100mW LIVE-121.5MHz 
Test Frequency Unit - AU9 100mW  T1 121.65MHz
Test Frequency Unit - AU9 100mW T2 121.775MHz

AU9-D- 500mW (recommended for Divers)
Live Frequency Unit -  AU9-D 500mW LIVE-121.5MHz 
Test Frequency Unit - AU9-D 500mW T1 121.65MHz
Test Frequency Unit  - AU9-D 500mW T2 121.775MHz

Diver pressure conversion kit for AU9 (AU9-D)

Pressure proofs the AU9 unit for sub-sea use

  • 2 × Pressure cap + ‘O’ ring 
  • 2 × ‘O’ ring base cap seal
  • 2 × Base Cap screw rubber gasket/seal
  • 1 × Tube of Silicone grease
Description – AU9 Dive conversion kit

Product Code – (07-43-S)

Diver Pouch for Diver Alerting Unit (AU9 & PLB8)
  • Useful neoprene carrying pouch for Diver Alerting Unit
  • Keeps your unit safe both during and after a dive.

  1. Diver carrying AU9 fitted to SMB dives
  2. Diver gets into difficulty on seabed
  3. Diver deploys SMB with AU9 activated and transmitting ‘SOS’ signal
  4. SARfinder® on dive boat picks ups ‘SOS’ signal and tracks to diver’s location to recover diver
BASE UNIT  - Sea Marshall® SARfinder®1003 man overboard Alarm/Locating unit with GPS plot
  • NEW heavy duty metal enclosure
  • NEW more compact robust antenna and connectors
  • Monitors for & tracks ‘SOS’ signal from AU9
  • Automatic Alert/Alarm of lost diver/man overboard
  • Plots GPS position of boat at time of incident
  • Long distance tracking of ‘SOS’ signal from AU9
  • Easy to read LED compass style display
  • Allows you to quickly locate a missing person(s)
  • Gives confidence to you and your crew and customers
The AU9 units in this package have 2 power output options, either 100mW or ‘long range’ 500mW (the 500mW is recommended for divers). Please select the preferred option/product code at time of ordering.