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An MSLD (Maritime Survivor Locating Device) is a simple, two part, self managed Alert & Locate system used to provide safety cover for virtually any application on, under or around water. An MSLD system is normally made up of two components.

transmitter worn on the person (PLB)


The Sea Marshall alerts are typically worn with a work vest, as life vest are worn whenever a person is in danger of falling overboard or being lost at sea.  The logic is to reduce the risk by, providing an automatic water activated alert, an immediate alarm to the crew and precision direction back to where the man overboard (MOB) is located.

The operational objective is a one step process.  If a person requires a flotation device, then the Sea Marshall alert is better to be equipped or integrated into the work vest or Personal flotation device (PFD).

Survival Platforms

Ability to provide multiple persons temporary refuge from the water.

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A great deal can be done to improve the safety of a man overboard retrieval and rescue operation. One reason for this has been advances in technology, resulting in better materials. However, a change in attitude can go a lot further in minimizing the inherent dangers, by training the crew to be a rescue minded crew, instead of just seamen or workforce thinking. This means that every professional sailor should look at himself and train himself to be able to render professional mob rescue assistance.

We offer rescue ladders, scramble nets, rescue cradles, rescue nets for Fast Rescue Craft (FRC) and in-water rescue systems and transfer systems designed for all types of vessels including fast rescue vessels, yachts, commercial vessels and docksides.

  • Can your present system automatically account for personnel on board (personnel on premise)
  • Do you know where your people are in an emergency evacuation drill? or muster drill?
  • Who reported to the right station?
  • Who reported to the wrong station?
  • Who is still missing?
  • Time it took for each muster station to successfully report?
  • Generate automatically Muster Drill reports?

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General Purpose MOB System

Marine and commercial fishing, passenger vessels, ferry boats, tour boats and marine construction barges.


Offshore wind farm operators are using the Sea Marshall system part of the HSE requirement for safety.

Oil & Gas

The ATEX (Intrinsically Safe) version of the Sea Marshall MSLD is used throughout the Oil & Gas industry.

Helicopter Transit

Helicopter specific Sea Marshall high-power personal locator beacon for use in offshore passenger transits.


Wharf, jetty, pier or any remote maritime operation are prime candidates for MOB alert & locate systems.


Commercial divers, scuba divers and dive boat operators are using the Sea Marshall lost diver locating system.


The pressure proof (300m) Sea Marshall submariner PLB tracks personnel who have emergency exited.

What's New In Marine Rescue

Nigeria: Maritime Locator Device to the Rescue

Nexus between offshore safety, technological advancement in oil, gas sector

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