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Helicopter Transit Emergency Locator Beacons
A new long range tracking Alerting Unit (PLB) which has been specifically developed for the offshore helicopter transit industry.
  1. Helicopter departs from platform
  2. Helicopter experiences a failure of some sort and is forced to ditch
  3. Crew exit helicopter, Alerting Units automatically activate after 5 seconds immersion (or 40 sec. override)
  4. SAR crews arrive on scene and home into 121.5MHz SOS signal from missing persons.
Alerting Unit Series 9
Helicopter Transit

AU9-HT Alerting Unit – Series 9, Helicopter Transit
Fully automatic high power Personal Locator Beacon

  • Frequency: 121.5 MHz
  • Battery: 2 × 3V lithium CR AA pack, user replaceable.
  • Battery 10 year life (50% duty)
  • Endurance: average 24-30 hours transmitting (60 months ‘approx’ on standby/armed)
  • Product expected lifespan 10 years (with correct service and maintenance as laid out herein)
  • Dimensions : 90mm high × 70mm wide(body) 80mm hinge/base cap × 35mm deep
  • Modulation: Continuous swept tone A3X
  • Output power: 100mW
  • Temp range (storage): -55°C to + 70°C;
  • Approvals - CE, ED14-F part
  • Test Units: 121.65MHz and 121.775MHz
  • Activation - Manual & Automatic with manual override (salt and fresh water)
  • Antenna: 1m cable with flexible helical spring section, adaptable for lifejacket fitting
  • Strobe: inbuilt LED strobe on antenna flashes ‘SOS’.
  • ILS: internal loudspeaker 80dB
  • Weight: 250gms (approx)
  • Waterproofing – IP-68
  • Fail-safe override function if unit is accidentally left switched off, it will still auto-activate after 40 seconds immersion.

Unit shown is fitted to SHARK LAP jacket (as used by UK offshore flight service)

RT-600 (SAR-DF 517)
Multi-Band Direction Finder System for Airborne SAR 

The RT-600 (SAR-DF 517) is an SAR direction finder system for airborne SAR that operates on all frequency bands used for rescue missions, including emergency frequencies 121.500 MHz, 243.000 MHz and 406.028 MHz (Cospas-Sarsat) as well as channel 16 of the marine band. 

Emergency beacons that operate on the Cospas-Sarsat frequency 406.028 MHz can be identified and localized. No additional equipment is required in the aircraft since the electronic direction finding components are integrated into the a antenna. 

The display and control unit consists of an 80-mm round instrument, and the graphic LCD display permits convenient viewing of localization and Cospas-Sarsat information.

Application This high-precision SAR direction finder system was designed specifically for use on board all aircraft, including helicopters.

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